Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Green Mountain Book Award

I have been chosen to serve on the Green Mountain Book Award Committee. Our task is to choose the nominees for Vermont's annual teen-choice reading award. Each committee member reads a portion of the nominated books in the first round. Liked books are then moved on to a next round where all committee members will read them. My initial reading list consists of books nominated by me and others:

  1. Armistead, Cal.  Being Henry David.
  2. Cline, Ernest.  Ready Player One.  
  3. Cochrane, Mick.  Fitz.  
  4. Dawkins, Richard.  The Magic of Reality.
  5. Forman, Gayle.  Just One Day.
  6. Griffin, N.  The Whole Stupid Way We Are.  
  7. Hubbard, Jenny.  Paper Covers Rock.
  8. Jones, Tim Wynne.  Blink and Caution.  
  9. Kraus, Daniel.  Rotters.  
  10. Leavitt, Martine.  My Book of Life by Angel.
  11. McCormick, Patricia.  Never Fall Down.  
  12. McMann, Lisa.  Dead to You.  
  13. Mignola, Mike.  Joe Golem and the Drowning City.  
  14. Myracle, Lauren.  Shine.  
  15. Newman, Leslea.  October Mourning.
  16. Ottaviani, Jim.  Feynman.  

    There are many more terrific books on this years' nomination list, and I can't wait until we get into the next rounds and start deliberations.

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