Friday, October 12, 2012


It can really paralyze you sometimes. It's weird, too, because the more I learn and the better I think my writing gets, the more the fear starts to set in. The fear of not being in school and not having faculty advisors to help me out when I'm stuck. Not that getting published is everything because I'm not writing just to get published. I'm really not. But I would like to get published. I would like people to read all of the things I'm writing. And that's the scariest part, right? Spending so much time trying to improve and worrying that it might never be good enough...

That's also the fun part, I know. Trying to reach that goal no matter how far of a stretch it is. Rocky Balboa once said that fear should be your best friend. You can keep him in your corner and use him to motivate you. I'll try.

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