Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Thrill of Writing

My next VCFA workshop deadline is approaching, and I really wanted to create something new. I felt like the other pieces I have -- especially the beginnings which work best for workshop -- wouldn't really benefit from the experience. I'm either too happy with how they work right now, or I know they're too jumbled to be fixable at this point.

So, I took the last few days and created something new. Non-linear realistic fiction. Not usually what I write. And it was thrilling. It still is. I'm excited about the project. And that's how I know that this is all worth it after a year and half in school for writing. It's still fun.

After essays and essays and revisions and revisions and a critical thesis and character exercises that have made me want to pull out all my hair at one time or another, I still love writing. I can't not write, and that's refreshing.

Just Finished: Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu
Currently Reading: Holes by Louis Sachar
Up Next: Tracing Stars by Erin E. Moulton

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