Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rejected Hockey Poem

During an exercise at my last VCFA residency, I began writing a poem about skating. The only guideline for the exercise was something like, 'go to a silent place and do something there.' Skating on a pond immediately popped into my head. I wrote a small little draft and shared what I wrote with the group I was with. They seemed to like it. I really liked it. So, I made a few different drafts and submitted the poem (along with a few others) to a sports poetry anthology. I really didn't know what to expect. I'd never submitted any poetry to anything in my life. None. I got an e-mail response the other day:


But, I still really like my poem about skating on a pond, and I thought, you know what, I have a blog! Accepted! I can publish myself on this one.

Here ya go:


Hips engaged
Knees bent, yet rigid
Energy flowing to my toes
Pushing off
Blades cutting the ice
Arms churning
Legs grinding
Back and forth
In and out
Back and forth
In and out
The breeze against my face
Up my nose
My breath creating an icy fog
No coach yelling, “Skate! Skate Skate!”
Just the rhythm of my blades
Faster and faster
Faster and faster
Back and forth
In and out
Back and forth
In and out
Faster and faster
Until I
Spraying ice into the wind
My wake the only blemish on a sheet of glass
My pond

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  1. I like it. Accept. Love how you gave yourself permission to accept and publish your own work. I know some hockey kids here in MN who would like this poem.