Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Poetry Madness

Sticking with the poetry theme this month, I'm participating in a fun event called MADNESS! 2012, a children's poetry tournament at Ed DeCaria's Think kid, Think! website. There are 64 writers participating, and it's set up in a bracket just like the NCAA basketball championships.

Ed organized the brackets through a random numbers program, and I got a #16 seed, which means that I will be given one of the hardest words that I must include in the short poem I write.

A poem wins by garnering more votes than the poem it is matched up with. Anyone who visits the site can vote. The voting window for my 1st round match-up begins on Thursday (3/15) @ 8:00 am.

It should be fun! Who knows, maybe I'll even win a round or two!

1 comment:

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