Saturday, March 17, 2012

I just don't see e-books completely taking over...

I was at my favorite independent bookstore yesterday, and it's pretty clear that people aren't ready to be free of physical books just yet.

People were discussing books with each other and the store staff. Everyone was checking out the displays, flipping through new books and reading the jackets/looking for any pictures or fun facts. I was doing the same. I like to pick the books up, almost just to feel the weight of them. It's an odd sensation, but it's a real one and anyone who loves books probably knows what I'm taking about.

In the children's section, parents and older siblings were reading to a few little kids, and older kids (including me) were racing around the shelves, picking books up, putting books back, picking books up... you get the idea. The atmosphere was just awesome. All positive and all awe.

You just can't get that sense of community with an e-reader. Ironically, it's not as interactive. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-e-reader. Some people love them and that's fine, I just don't think they are going to take over as fast as many people think. The feeling that a physical book can give you is just too strong.


  1. I agree. E-readers have many good features, including attracting more readers and making it easy to take numerous books on a trip or commute. I was also in an indy bookstore this weekend. The owner seemed to know something about every book on the shelves, offered some great recommendations, and bragged up authors who were coming soon for book signings. Go Indies!

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  2. I recently added a couple of dozen public domain classics onto my Kindle, but I would never part with my library of cherished books (with the same titles). While others may transition to fully digital, I don't think any true book lover would/could!