Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hectic Week

I'll give you a run-down.

- The latest draft of my thesis was due. It's going really well, and I think I'm nearing the end thanks to the support of my wonderful advisor, Shelley Tanaka. But, it's still stressful trying to create the best product I can. I'm learning from it, and it can only help my creative work moving forward.

- The students at the school I work at were crazy this week. It's sort of understandable considering we had record temperatures around here -- 80's in March! Some students, though, don't think that our library should have any rules. They decided to takes pictures of me and one of my colleagues and paste them up on the doors. Our heads were superimposed on the bodies of superheroes like The Hulk and Iron Man. I was The Hulk. The poster said something like, "I rule the library - Hulk SMASH!"

- I've been participating in a March Madness Poetry Competition at It's been fun, and I've won two rounds to get into the round of 16. There are some amazing poems being written on the site, and I'm just happy to be included. You can vote for your favorite poems to win HERE.

- Finally, my men's league hockey team has been making a run in our league playoffs after a disappointing end to our season. The next game is tomorrow night, and I'm feeling pretty good. I hope we win. More hockey is always a good thing. More skating!

Just Finished: The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman and Illustrators.
Currently Reading: Bread and Roses, Too by Katherine Paterson
Up Next: A Wind in the Door by Madeline L'Engle

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