Saturday, January 21, 2012

Positive Energy

When I was playing and coaching hockey, I was much more concentrated on fundamental skills and creativity than I was with all of the new systems out there that make players conform. I felt that by taking away a player's creativity, a coach was also taking away a bit of that player's confidence with it. And, no confidence = no positive energy moving forward. Pretty simple. It happens way to often in the hockey world. They want to break you down before they try to build you up. But what if they break you down too far? They don't think about that. If it doesn't work out, they'll just go find another player that will work for them.

Thankfully, VCFA is NOT like this at all.

I've just returned from yet another amazing residency, and I have so much (SO MUCH) positive energy moving forward. It's really hard to describe. No one there tries to break you down. No one tries to make you conform to the norm. All of the faculty and students are praised as individuals and treated as equals. Our workshops groups are amazing. We critique each other's work, and all of us have an equal voice, from the award winning faculty members to the students who have already been published to the veteran students to the newer students, all the way to the newest students that have never been part of a critique group before.

Where have you ever been where that has happened? I hope you can answer that you've been lots of places like that, but I haven't. I have never experienced anything like this. VCFA is a life changing experience. I'm getting all pumped up just typing these words. The positive energy is filling up my entire being. Time to open my word doc. Time to crank out some pages...

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