Sunday, October 30, 2011

Links Finale and Thank Yous

A final link for the month: Write at Your Own Risk. It's a blog written by members of the faculty in my program at VCFA. Last week, Laura Kvasnosky talked about her writing roots. She discussed the first teacher that really inspired her. Mary Quattlebaum continued the theme by thanking some of her teachers, as well as some of her favorite authors. Really anybody that has inspired her to write.

In that vein, I'd like to thank some teachers and authors for inspiring me.

Matt Christopher. Thank you for pumping out a gazillion books about sports. I enjoyed them all.

Ms. O'Donnell - 7th grade social studies. Thank you for recognizing a bored student and challenging me.

Mrs. Hogan - 8th grade English. Thank you for making me feel that what I had to say mattered, and thank you for introducing me to Earthsea.

Lois Lowry. Thank you for writing books that the 12 year-old me wasn't supposed to like, but did.

Mr. Jeff Connor - too many positions to list. Thank you for sharing your passion for storytelling.

Mr. Larue Renfrew - Youth hockey coach. Thank you for showing me that hard work pays off.

Mr. Kirk Koenigsbauer - 9th grade history. Thank you for teaching with the real world in mind, rather than just the textbook.

Mr. Rodney Mclain - 10th and 12th grade history. Thank you for making learning fun.

J.R.R. Tolkien. Thank you for letting me get lost in your stories.

Dr. Scott Fields - college English and writing. Thank you for helping me understand that all words are powerful.

Neil Gaiman and M.T. Anderson. Thank you for continuing to force my mind to try and keep up.

To my VCFA classmates. Thank you for sharing in this experience and for all of your collective energy.

To my family, both sides. Thank you for understanding my passions, and thank you for supporting me, no matter what.

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