Friday, September 23, 2011

A change in the air...

The leaves are starting to change. The air has gotten much more crisp -- the kind that seeps into your bones. Football season is in full swing. I could hear the grunting, the whistles, and the crunching of shoulder pads as I walked to my car today. I didn't need to look at the field. I played. All of the images were in my head, hanging out in some back corner of my brain. I smiled. Not because of the football scenes playing out behind my eyes, though. I smiled because football means summer is now fall, and fall means that, somewhere, people are starting to lace up their skates. They're taping their sticks, tightening up their chin-straps. Somewhere, a kid is running onto to the ice like he just got introduced at the NHL all-star game. He doesn't know any better. He and the sport are still deeply in love. They've never had a fight. Not even a spat.

What a great feeling...

Just Finished: Nothing by Janne Teller
Reading: Gentlemen by Michael Northrop
Up Next: Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

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