Thursday, August 25, 2011

Materials to set the proper mood...

One of my writing projects is a novel about life and hockey in greater Boston that takes place in 1970. Now, I know a great deal about hockey. It's not that difficult to write convincing action scenes on the ice. I also know about greater Boston -- probably more than most outsiders due to the fact that I grew up playing hockey there and went to high school there. But, it is a completely different thing to write about these topics in a different time period. I've had to find sources, materials.

A great source has been my dad. He was living and playing hockey in that time, and he was only about an hour outside of Boston. He knows what it feels like to watch Bobby Orr play. He remembers what it was like to run around a neighborhood. He knows which things boys cared about and which they didn't. He was a high school student during the Vietnam War and then he enlisted in the Army, so he has been on both sides of that equation. His stories throughout my life have been a huge help.

To get me in the mood for writing, I've been trying to immerse myself in materials that my main character would have been reading. I've been exploring newspapers from the era, copies of The Hockey News and Sports Illustrated, novels, and instructional books; anything that has to do with hockey. I found a great book in the library I just started working at called Power Hockey by former NHLers Don Awrey and Ken Hodge. It wasn't published until 1975, but it is eactly the type of book that my main character would read through every night before bed. Awrey and Hodge also played together on the Bruins that my character watched, so that's a bonus.

Time to write...

Just finished: Sapphique by Catherine Fisher
Currently reading: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
Up next: The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex

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