Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lucky Day

Today has been a great day! A lucky day!

I'm on vacation in Millbridge, Maine right now. It's way up there, over an hour north of Baa-haa-baa (Bar Harbor). This afternoon while kayaking, we saw a wild BALD EAGLE! It was amazing. We thought we saw it float into a group of trees on a small, uninhabited island. We rounded the next bend and there it was, perched on the top of an ancient pine. It checked us out for a minute or two before it took flight, soaring over the islands to the open ocean and the horizon to the east. We watched it soar and soar and soar until it faded into the clouds. What a sight! I will never forget that.

As if that wasn't enough, I beat my wife in Scrabble tonight. She has probably won the last 150 games we've played against each other. No joke. No exaggerating. She's amazing at the game. It was nice to win. Maybe I'll win again in a couple of years.

Finally, I'm reading Beyond Lucky by VCFA grad Sarah Aronson. It's a soccer story and, so far, I'm loving the main character and his authentic voice. Looking forward to finishing before bed!

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