Friday, December 3, 2010

Workshop Submission

Whew! It's in. I just submitted my piece for the workshop I will be a part of at the VCFA January residency. As I mentioned before, it is a critique group of 2 faculty and 10-12 students. I'm really excited to take part. In a couple of weeks, I'll get a packet containing all of my group's submissions, so that we can read each other's work and prepare for the workshop beforehand.

I can't wait to see what kinds of things my peers have written about. Mine is the first four chapters of my novel featuring JT Barrows. I know some of you know his name from either reading or hearing samples, or just hearing me talk about him from time to time. The submission follows JT's last day of his freshman year in high school, where he gets in a fight against five bullies. It also includes a flashback to Ancient Rome. Too complicated to connect the dots right now. Maybe I'll post a full teaser in the coming days.

Happy weekend!

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